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 +Deepwater fisheries pose particular difficulties for management. Target species are difficult to assess with high levels of uncertainty, they are generally vulnerable to overfishing. 
 +DEEPFISHMAN will develop a range of strategy options for the management of deepwater fisheries in the NE Atlantic that will take account of these factors. Firstly, the aim will be to identify new and more effective assessment methods, reference points, control rules and management strategies to be used in the short term, making better use of available data. Secondly, a reliable long-term framework will be developed for which additional data needs will be specified in order to fill current information gaps to achieve reliable long-term management requirements. 
 +This work will be developed by examining a range of case studies selected to reflect the diverse characteristics of the different types of deepwater fishery found in the NE Atlantic. In addition, two case studies outside the NE Atlantic are selected to give a wider perception of the management and monitoring of deepwater fisheries elsewhere in the world. 
 +A specific case study will examine historical catch data (from selected areas in the NE Atlantic) for changes in biodiversity and identify protocols from monitoring biodiversity in the deep-water ecosystem. For each case study Recommendations for future methods and approaches will be made. The socio-economic profile and projected impact of the management strategy options as applied both through a short- and long-term framework will be examined for selected fisheries. 
 +In this way the project outputs will aim to provide robust guidelines for deepwater fisheries management suitable for adoption within the Common Fishery policy. The work will involve an ICPC country. 
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